The Mirjeta Show : The Podcast

So, we did a thing. We created a Podcast. The Mirjeta Show.

Being the founder and creator of Mirjeta,I am always asked many questions about my Swimwear Journey, this far. I thought a Podcast would be the ideal medium to share with everyone my little Business Journey.

If you have been involved, supported or followed Mirjeta, you will have the understanding, I have the desire to include my little design extraordinaire, my Bonus Daughter,Malika in all things Mirjeta.

Last week, we made a Podcast,speaking to Malika on her desires and inspirations for her up and coming Mirjeta Children's line. A project,she has been slowly working towards, through her own drawings. Malika talks all things Children Swim. She is a creative, smart and talented seven , nearly eight year old. Who can not wait to launch, her own sun safe children designs. 

Currently, our children' s line is work in progress, as are currently working on expanding Mirjeta, in a range of fashion dimensions.  The Mirjeta children's line is a goal, we are working towards.

Each week, you can join The Mirjeta Show, to listen to all things Swimwear. Our little business Journey.

In a simple search; you can find us on Itunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, Pocketcasts and Radio Public.