Mirjeta Men’s Swim

So much is happening behind the scenes here at Mirjeta HQ. If, you have met me in person, or follow my socials, you’ll have the knowledge I’ve been undertaking plans to release not only a Mirjeta Children’s Collection, but also a stylish Mirjeta Men’s Collection.  


I have been working so hard to create the ultimate unique fabric pattern for a long time. I want to Honour my Late Albanian Grandfather, with all I possibly can. My wish for the Men’s Collection is to be the absolute. 

I believe, because of my dedication in ensuring the Collection for Men is the ultimate, I have become obsessed with the exact look I have been inspired to create. I have collaborated tirelessly with many professionals in all kinds of realms, to ensure my ideas are created with my vision. Experts in their field, some found my ideas too challenging, some found the concept unattainable. These are the minor set backs, that have pushed this Collection further. I believe, things happen for a reason and without others not being able to grasp the look, made me highlight the vision through looking deeper into the meaning of the inspired designs. 

Finally, I can announce the Avni Collection has come to life. The first pattern creation is approved. With a few more inspired designs being currently produced. I am so excited to be able to create this particular Collection.

Now my next plan is to ensure, the sample designs are executed as perfect as can be. Time is not my friend, as the Men’s Collection will be showcased for the very first time at Leah Harvey’s second Deconstructed Fashion Show The Bond Soirée on April 4th, 2020 held at the Bond Store, in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia. 

Tickets on sale here: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=583305&

I will be running another Facebook competition to WIN 2x Tickets to the Live Event. So stay tuned and keep following us to discover how you can be the first to see The Mirjeta ‘Avni’ Men’s Collection.