Mirjeta: The Good Life

Welcome to Mirjeta.

I thought this space, would be a great platform to share all things Mirjeta with you all.

Mirjeta is my little business baby. Produced with so much LOVE, passion and appreciation for all things swimwear. It was only natural to create a swim brand inspired by my family background and love for the beauty of Albania. (If you haven't been, you need to go!)

I wanted to create a Swim Brand, to promote what summer means to me. My Summer vibes here in Australia and my Summer days spent overseas.

I have always been obsessed with swimwear.

Living in Hervey Bay, Queensland, I live to support local.I was surprised to discover after researching,there was no high end swim label, locally. I saw the opportunity to promote my love for all things swimwear, summer and beach side living by producing  Mirjeta.

Naturally, sourcing a name for a swim brand was something, I wanted to ensure represented my love for swimwear, summer, travelling and my family connection to Albania. Mirjeta the name was a perfect fit; simply translating into 'Good Life'.

I have created so many good life memories in Swimwear. So, my drive and motivation for Mirjeta was for others to be able to associate their own summer memories of good life living in a Mirjeta swimsuit.

The First Collection Albania Riviera was a promotion of European summer along the Albanian Riviera. It's absolutely stunning! Although, only the two swimsuits designs were produced, this collection was inspired through numerous designs, looks and endless nights on making the right decision to fit the design brief. Finally, It came to life and the names; Sasa and Lukova seemed extremely fitting. As these names are based upon the actual beach destinations along the Albanian Riviera. 

Mirjeta is a defined exclusive range.

I hope you love your Mirjeta Swimsuit, as much as I do!


Belinda xx