Luljeta Release

It has been sometime, since writing reflections in all things Mirjeta. Oh! What crazy times, we are living in. With all things, Covid19, it has come with some major set backs. However, the pandemic has not stopped, Mirjeta from moving forward. 

We are thrilled, to be releasing the first two designs from the much anticipated release; Luljeta the collection. 

Luljeta simply translates in to ‘Flowers of Life’. Featuring Bardhana and Lendina. 

Luljeta was inspired to highlight the diversity of beauty of Albanian women, living the Good Life in the Albanian Sun. Luljeta reflects elegance, gracefulness and simplicity. Beauty in a swimsuit. 

If you were witness, to the Luljeta showcasing on the runway, you’ll understand the definition of this particular collection. 

We are proud to announce, we will have an exclusive never before seen Bardhana swimsuit in a new colour. Stay tuned, for release on this particular swimsuit. 

We hope you love the very first release for Luljeta. 

Kind thank you to the late David Graham @photogruzzi for capturing the magnificent beauty of Luljeta’s first release Bardhana + Lendina on the stunning Maggie @maggiejostanton.