Get Busy with Mirjeta

It has been awhile between blog posts. I have been ultra busy. I have so many new and exciting things happening in the life of Mirjeta. Runway showcasing, models highlighting my women’s swim creations, seeking men’s samples as exactly as my thought foundations, the children’s line and the active wear designs. So much, is happening! I’m not going to lie, I appreciate the busyness of it all, I like keeping busy. Mirjeta is certainly keeping me on my toes. However, I do have limited time to all things business, I guess that’s the beauty of being a small business owner. It’s literally, one day at a time, I am actually, loving being all about Mirjeta. It is my identity now. I create swimwear to help all who wear Mirjeta live and breathe my dream. It’s my little dream, coming to life.  I’m so thankful for all the support, I’ve endured along the way. I am extremely passionate about all things Mirjeta. I am looking forward, all things coming forward, there is so much coming, I’m beyond excited. Keep updated with all things Mirjeta on our Instagram page @mirjeta_collective.