Albanian Riviera

Albanian Riviera the very First Collection for Mirjeta. The inspired Swim Collection, highlighting the beauty of Albania, undiscovered.
If you have been lucky enough to travel anywhere in Albania, you’ll understand Albanian Riviera. 

Visiting Albania with my beautiful sister, Lee in 2015 was the most amazing experience of my life. Coming home, back to Australia, to explain our travels to our soul filled Grandfather about the love for his home country, promoted a connection to Albania, that to this day, I can not explain. After, the loss of my Grandfather in September, that year, I was provided with even more love for his home Country and Culture. I wanted to keep all he had blessed us with, alive. 

That one day, in December, 2018, I had a calling to produce Swimwear. A Swim Line dedicated to Albania. It was a no brainer, swimwear and the coast of the Albanian Riviera would be ideal. Upon research, there was no other Swim Collection based upon Albania. I believed in my idea, and the name  Mirjeta, simply fitted my dream of creating an Exclusive Swim Designer Brand.  

After, seeking the advice of my talented brother, David,  Mirjeta was in beginning stages. I wanted my brand, to be everything my Grandfather, had taught me. Truthful, Amazing and Strong. 

Although, Albanian Riviera has only two designs. Lukova and Sasa. Both Swimsuits compliment the Albanian Riviera with more than words can explain. 

I designed, Lukova and Sasa to allow everyone to feel, like they were living the ‘Good Life’ on the Albanian Riviera. 

Both, Lukova and Sasa will be my forever, favourite creations. For both, are my very First Mirjeta  Creations. 

If you are the lucky few to secure one, indeed you’re lucky! 

Image: The Talented @davidrussodesign the first ever image for Mirjeta.